The purpose is to Educate!

The intended purpose of the Cold War Submarine Memorial is to motivate our youth on the importance of military service, dedication to what’s right, and commitment to freedom. It provides an educational opportunity for school children and visiting adults, allowing them to contemplate this significant chapter in our nation’s history. It is an educational centerpiece of the Cold War period - highlighting especially the role played by the Sailors and citizens of South Carolina.

The Memorial's Commitment to Educating the Youth of America:

The Foundation has created a Trust to promote the study of Math, Science and Engineering among the Middle and High School students of the Greater Charleston, Tri-County area.

The Memorial enhances existing educational programs at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum by providing a focus for an expanded virtual learning experience, in conjunction with the other historic ships and displays at Patriots Point, to clearly demonstrate what can be accomplished through deterrence when, threatened by a repressive form of government, a free nation dedicates its will and resources to maintaining peace and protecting freedom throughout the world.


JROTC Leadership Seminars which focus on “What is Leadership” and “The Lessons of History and Leadership”.  The Memorial will serve to motivate our youth on the importance of military and public service, dedication to what is right, and an enduring commitment to freedom.



Sea Cadets, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts visits.  A formal program of regular overnight visits by units of these organizations located in the Southeastern States is part of their formal motivational training in leadership, achievement and advancement in rank.



Youth Leadership Conferences sponsored by the Military Order of the World Wars and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.  These conferences are on the National Association of Secondary Principals (NASSP) Approved Activity List.  NASSP is the parent organization of the National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, American Technology Honor Society, National Association of Student Councils, National Association of Student Activity Advisers & Middle Level Student Activities Association.